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What I Think Wednesday: Trish McEvoy and her Credit Card Palettes

I have spent a ton of time talking to my peers in the makeup world about cosmetic companies and what I think they can do better in terms of training, product development, hiring, social media, etc… Finally I realized that talking to my peers is pointless.  I also realize that talking to company executives can also be pointless especially if you meet them in a store or counter setting.

I have observed that most executives dismiss ideas that company members who work behind counters have which is a huge mistake!  Social media has much more weight, so I will be speaking directly to companies every Wednesday in the hopes that at some point my voice is heard! Now on to Trish!!

At this point, we all know that palettes reign supreme.  Eyeshadow palettes, blush palettes, lip palettes, foundation palettes, etc… Consumers would rather spend money on palettes because they give you variety and provide you with more “bang” for your buck.  Trish McEvoy, known for her planners sometimes will put these little credit card eyeshadow palettes in her limited edition planners, and I have started to collect them, because they are tiny ( I love tiny things), super pigmented, have an array of eyeshadows and powder eyeliners, and blend like a dream!

The problem is that these credit cards only come out every once in a while in a limited planner making it impossible to purchase them individually at the consumers convenience.  As a makeup artist I really feel like I need every credit card that Trish has ever created, and no that I will be impossible for me to obtain them all.  I have a few suggestions.

  • Relaunch the credit cards in their own special planner as a limited edition sort of thing to see how well consumers respond to the idea of being able to have all of the credit card palettes.
  • Offer the credit card palettes online to give consumers an opportunity to purchase them individually
  • Market the “credit card planner” using some cool wording maybe drawing associations from the Urban Decay “naked palette” the slogan “Plan to be Naked” would be risky but could work.
  • Market to a wider demographic including but not limited to millenials making a point to appeal to beauty bloggers, and youtube and instagram makeup artists!IMG_2662

These things are definitely kit worthy, and I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that if Trish were to make these credit card eyeshadow palettes a focus, they would sell!

Cheap Brands that Copy Cat: Can higher end brands survive?

I went on Elf’s website today and was confused for a minute. I had to make sure I typed in the right cosmetics company because I was staring at what seemed to be Nudestix products on the Elf website! Then I realized that it had happened again! Lol a popular drugstore brand had produced products very similar to some higher end products and made them super cheap!

 I was excited about this, but I couldn’t help but think about the folks over at Nudestix and whether or not they would financially take a blow because of Elf’s knock off sticks. One Nudestix eye pencil is $24 so based off of the price alone, I would buy the $3 Elf ones. Let’s do the math, I could buy eight $3 pencils from Elf for the price of one Nudestix pencil, and the crazy part is that they would probably be decent quality. 

  I own a ton of Elf cosmetics products including bronzers, brushes, makeup remover wipes, blush palettes, etc…so I feel confident in buying their products. Is safe to say that Elf like several other “drugstore” brands offers excellent quality products at super affordable prices. NYX copied Anastasia of Beverly Hills’s whole entire brow selection at a much cheaper price point, Milani now offers the lash fibers that every Younique consultant was peddling on Instagram last year, and every skin care brand has glycolic peel pads giving Dr. Dennis Gross a major run for his money. I’m not even gonna discuss liquid lipstick because I would be typing for days!! 

Anyway, while I realize that this copy cat phenomenon is awesome for consumers, what does it mean for courageous indie brands that decide to take a leap of faith and dive into the over saturated market of cosmetics? Do you jump anyway knowing in the back of your head that some cheap brand is gonna knock off your stuff and sell it for pennies? The answer is obviously yes. Just ask the women who venture to Canal Street in New York to buy fake designer bags and they will tell you, they want it all!! The knock offs and the real thing! Lol 

What in the heck is a Cleansing Oil?


Seven years ago one of my good friends started working for this Japanese cosmetics line, and I would always visit her at her counter.  Whenever I would visit, she would be telling me about how amazing the products were.  The most intriguing product that she showed me were the companies cleansing oils.  I had never seen anything like them, and was a little confused on understanding how they worked, but I trusted her opinion and bought my very first cleansing one.  It was pricey, but the bottle was pretty, and I was excited to get it home and use this ancient Asian cleansing method to see how it worked for myself!

Needless to say, I was hooked! It was the best make up remover hands down, and required little to no effort to get long wearing eyeshadow, mascara, foundation, and lipstick off with no residue.  Buying the stuff required me to question how many times a week I would have to eat ramen noodles to afford this new luxurious habit, but it was worth it!  Over the years, I have tried many cleansing oils, but seven years ago there were no drugstore options!  If I had flown to Korea or Japan, I would have been in cleansing oil heaven, but I was right here in the U.S, eating ramen noodles to afford my “ancient luxurious” cleansing regimen!

Fast forward to 2016, and I have hit the cleansing oil jackpot!!! There are now many drugstore options to choose from and none of them are more than $15!! My favorite is the Palmers Skin Therapy Cleansing Oil, because it is $5, has amazing ingredients, rinses off easily with no residue, has a nice fragrance, and comes in a pretty large size! Needless to say my wallet and skin are very happy!!


The Cooler Side of Brown: Bobbi Brown Stick Foundation Shade Extensions


Bobbi Brown finally got the memo that folks with deeper skin tones are not all red and that folks with super fair skin tones can have yellow or pink undertones!! 

This shade extension of her already great foundation sticks was much needed, and will make a lot of folks happy! I hope these shade extensions will go into her “BBU” palette ( a palette created for Professional mua’s with all of her stick foundations, color correctors, and concealers) because that would be awesome!!

Oh and the shades swatches on my arm are from left to right are; Cool Espresso/10.25, Cool Walnut/8.25, Cool Almond/7.25, Cool Golden/6.25, Warm Beige/3.25, Warm Porcelain/.5, Ivory/.75, and Cool Ivory/1.25