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What in the heck is a Cleansing Oil?


Seven years ago one of my good friends started working for this Japanese cosmetics line, and I would always visit her at her counter.  Whenever I would visit, she would be telling me about how amazing the products were.  The most intriguing product that she showed me were the companies cleansing oils.  I had never seen anything like them, and was a little confused on understanding how they worked, but I trusted her opinion and bought my very first cleansing one.  It was pricey, but the bottle was pretty, and I was excited to get it home and use this ancient Asian cleansing method to see how it worked for myself!

Needless to say, I was hooked! It was the best make up remover hands down, and required little to no effort to get long wearing eyeshadow, mascara, foundation, and lipstick off with no residue.  Buying the stuff required me to question how many times a week I would have to eat ramen noodles to afford this new luxurious habit, but it was worth it!  Over the years, I have tried many cleansing oils, but seven years ago there were no drugstore options!  If I had flown to Korea or Japan, I would have been in cleansing oil heaven, but I was right here in the U.S, eating ramen noodles to afford my “ancient luxurious” cleansing regimen!

Fast forward to 2016, and I have hit the cleansing oil jackpot!!! There are now many drugstore options to choose from and none of them are more than $15!! My favorite is the Palmers Skin Therapy Cleansing Oil, because it is $5, has amazing ingredients, rinses off easily with no residue, has a nice fragrance, and comes in a pretty large size! Needless to say my wallet and skin are very happy!!


All Rose Everything!!

It’s a little late for Valentines Day gifts but I still love each of these products!! I have been obsessed over anything and everything rose for the past nine months, and this month is no exception. The Laura Mercier Rose Infusion Oil is a lightweight face oil infused with a ton of other “great for you” skin ingredients, smells great, and lasts forever.

The diptyque candle is limited edition and was launched to celebrate Valentine’s Day. If you can still get your hands on this candle run to the nearest Nordstrom, Neimans, Diptyque boutique, or Blue Mercury and grab two!! These candles are the best candles I have ever smelled hands down and are worth every penny! This one smells like fresh cut roses from some fancy garden in some far away land mixed with a little Johnson and Johnson baby powder sprinkled on top for good measure!! After 15 minutes of burn time, your whole house will smell amazing!!

The Fresh Rose facial mask is one of the most luxurious masks I’ve ever experienced. It has real pieces of fermented rose petals, and looks like something you can spread on a piece of toast! It works miracles on tired lackluster skin.

I have a confession to make. I have never used the last product. I am just super curious about a solid cleanser in a deodorant tube also infused with real rose petals. Another reason why I’m so intrigued by this product is because it is a Korean beauty product which is all the rage in the global cosmetics industry right now. 

The moral to the story is that if I were Oprah, everyone I know would have one of each of these items! Lol