The Poor Woman’s Fireplace; Candles that make you feel warm and cozy!!


The weather is changing (kind of), daylight savings time is happening this Sunday, and Starbucks has all of their special holiday drinks ready to order.  It took me a while to mourn the end of summer, but I have to be honest and say that fall has not been too bad.  The weather has been mild, and every once in a while we will still get an 80 degree day!  While the weather has been considerably warm, fall is still my favorite time to purchase and burn tons of candles.  I do not own a fire pit in my back yard ( maybe some day) and I also do not have a fire place.  What I do have, are tons of great warm smelling candles with a wooden wick!  The cackling sound they make while burning is super soothing.  They really are like having a fireplace on a budget!

wooden-wick-candle One that I am burning now is from TJ Maxx, a store that gets me in a lot of trouble, the brand is Makers of Wax Goods, and the fragrance is Ambered Teak.  This company makes amazing smelling candles at super affordable prices, and they have a website if you want to reorder your favorite scents.  The collection of candles on their website with the wooden wicks is called the Hudson collection, and all of the scents sound complex and amazing!!  Visit to see for yourself, and thank me later!  Oh and for all the makeup brush hoarders like myself, once the candle is burned out, the glass jar makes for a great brush holder!!

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Hi everyone! My name is Michanna pronounced ("Mih-cah-na"). I'm a full time freelance makeup artist, content creator, and lover of all things beauty. I love to teach women my quick, easy, and fun tips and tricks to achieve polished looks using affordable makeup. I started my makeup artistry journey over a decade ago. Now I create content to educate and inspire women all over the world to achieve beautiful makeup looks on themselves with quality products that are affordable and sometimes even multi functional.

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