What I Think Wednesday!! :Stick Foundations!!

Stick foundations have had a major comeback and I think every cosmetic brand should offer them!! They are portable, offer great coverage, and often allow you to skip concealer all together.  

Some brands have offered them for many years because they have always understood the major value that they bring, while other brands like Anastasia Beverly Hills are new to the party!! 

Cosmetic companies seem to be putting in overtime to make sure that they offer a wide range of shades that include deeper skin tones. Anastasia and Hourglass cosmetics are two to check out because they seem to be taking no prisoners with the amount of shades and formulas they offer!! 

Hourglass’s formula is mineral based, comes in 26 shades, offers full coverage, is long wearing, water proof, and finger friendly!! 

MAC cosmetics and Laura Mercier used to both offer stick foundations that were amazing, and came at decent price points. If their product development teams know what I know, they should relaunch those formulas asap!!!

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