So why can’t I wear my Angel in one hundred degree weather??

For the last month, it’s been hot as hell in DC, and occasionally I will smell a heavy perfume that lingers in the air for way too long, and almost makes me sick and gives me a headache!! Lol I have decided to help my “winter” perfume in the summer time wearers by explaining the difference in this post. 

Most winter perfumes are very warm and heavy. They tend to be comprised of musks, sandalwood, strong floral notes, amber, and the super popular oud. The reason these “winter” fragrances tend to be heavier in composition is because there is less humidity in the air when the cooler months arrive. In order to enjoy a personal fragrance, it has to be heavier to last. 

During the summer months there is a lot more humidity thus making fragrances last longer and linger on the skin and in the air. Instead of grabbing our Creed Santal or our Aqua Di Parma Oud, we should grab our Creed Love in White or Our Aqua Di Parma Fico Di Amalfi. If we love a fragrance like Narciso Rodriguez, we can just purchase Narciso, a much lighter more powdery version of the original. 

If we are still challenged go for fragrances that smell clean, aquatic, light, powdery, fruity, or floral! You can’t really go wrong with any of those notes during the summer. Last but not least, there are tons of fragrance houses that make amazing summer friendly scents here are a few!

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